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William Faulkner

Blue Ridge Beers

Hawksbill Lager

A crisp, pilsner style Golden lager, the Hawksbill is our favorite beer for first time visitors. It is brewed with Hallertau and Willamette hops and has a smooth, full body and a subtle hop aroma.

Humpback Stout

A beer drinkers favorite. Rich and creamy with a long lasting head and lots and lots of body. We add 10 pounds of Chocolate malt in every 5 bbls. to give the Humpback added richness and flavor. Goes great mixed with the Afton as a black and tan.

Afton Ale

A hopheads delight! The Afton, brewed with a touch of Chocolate malt, is a rich dark brown ale that weighs in at around 45 to 50 ibu's thanks to a generous helping of Galena and Bullion hops in the kettle. It is finished with Mt. Hood hops for a lovely hop aroma.

Piney River Lager

The Piney has a beautiful copper color and a rich maltiness that is balanced with a distinct touch of hops courtesy of Northern Brewer bittering hops and Tettnang finish hops.


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