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Drag 'N' Drop CGI

This is the home page for an online class using Drag 'N' Drop CGI, 1997, Addison Wesley Longman, Inc. The book was written by Bob Weil and Chris Baron.

Links to the chapter projects are on the left. Any script demonstrations are embedded in this document. For example, moving your cursor over the links on the left will display a message in the status bar.

This class was conducted at Ziff Davis University (ZDU) in the first quarter of 1999. The instructors were Christopher Doemel and Andre Gelpi. These HTML projects and their CGI Perl scripts were installed on the fatpat server at OLM.

The book has everything you need to add advanced Perl CGI and JavaScript functions to your Web site-no programming or UNIX experience required. You'll find the scripts and all the tools you need on the included CD-ROM.

The authors walk you through the steps of the script installation process, explaining how and why they work. Reading this book, you will learn not only how to customize and use the scripts, but also how to work with other scripts you find on the Internet. In addition, what you discover about the Internet, HTTP, CGI, and both client-side and server-side scripts will help you enhance your pages more easily.