Skill Levels

Quake Cheat Commands

Enter Console mode to use the following cheat commands. Type the command text and hit the <Enter> key. You may enter multiple commands in Console mode. Press the <Esc> key to exit Console mode and return to the game.

Command Description
God Toggles God mode
Give # Gives you weapon number #
Give S xxx Gives xxx number of shotgun shells
Give N xxx Gives xxx number of nails
Give R xxx Gives xxx number of rockets
Give C xxx Gives xxx number of electric cells
Give H xxx Gives xxx amount of health
Give Health xxx Gives xxx amount of health
Impulse 1 Everything but the weapons
Impulse 9 Full weapons, ammo, and keys
Impulse 10 Pentagram of Protection
Impulse 11 Get a rune sequentially from 1 to 4
Impulse 255 Quad Damage
Fly Toggle Fly mode (use C & D keys)
Kill Commit Suicide
Map ExMy Teleports you to Episode x, Map y
Crosshair 2 Gives a crosshair for shooting
Noclip Lets you walk through walls
Notarget Invisible to monsters until you shoot
Registered 1 Make the game think it's registered
R_Fullbright 1 Gets rid of the shadows
SV_Gravity Change gravity


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